Turkey Season Starts April 1.

We provide guided hunting and fishing services
based in Morris County, Kansas.

Four Mile Outfitters is a professional Kansas hunting and fishing guide service that will listen to what to you want from your guided hunting or fishing experience.  Four Mile Outfitters will take you to managed land where they monitor and feed the wildlife to help you land that trophy game.

The tradition of hunting is more easily shared when you have a professional guide who is working to make sure that your hunt is a success, is safe, and helping you make treasured memories with your family or friends.  

Your hunting and fishing guide is a teacher who can show you new skills, teach you about the body of water or hunting region, and allow you to relax and enjoy the experience.  This is especially true if you are taking your son or daughter on the hunt.  A professional guide will allow you to focus on the experience with your child while the guide focuses on making the hunting or fishing experience a success. 

See below for types of guided hunting and fishing services.

Seasonal Hunting and Fishing Information

Quail Inventories are very high so we expect a fun hunting experience. Learn More

Turkey season is starting on April 1 for specialized groups with general hunting starting on April 18th. Learn More

Pheasent inventories are low so we are not currently scheduling any hunts.

Dear Tags may be applied for between March 30 and April 28th.  Click here to visit KSOutdoors.com

Guided Deer Hunting

Turkey Hunting

Guided Deer Hunting

Release Pheasent

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Guided Deer Hunting

Guided Deer Hunts

Guided Deer Hunting

Predator Hunts

Guided Deer Hunting

Quail Hunting

Guided Deer Hunting