About our Hunts and Kansas Game

We spend all year scouting our hunting lands and feeding the animals as well as providing mineral blocks. which helps with rack growth and general health of the game. Since your guide knows the land you will know the game trails, population, and feeding areas. With a professional guide leading your hunt you can have more fun and your hunting success is less random than hunting on land you know anything about. 


Our hunting lands are privately owned which allows you to have access to a better game population and have the security of knowing you are in an approved hunting area.

Two deer species thrive in Kansas: the mule deer and the white-tailed deer. Mule deer are restricted to the western third of the state, primarily on the High Plains, Smoky Hills, and Red Hills regions.


Our property has an abundant supply of white-tailed deer. With our feeding program these deer are healthy and will be a great addition to your trophy collection. Check out our Trail Cam Photos to see images about our collection.


Turkey Hunting Packages


Wild turkeys were reintroduced into Kansas in the 1960s, and the program has been a great success.

Our turkey hunting package is $300 a day for adults and under 16 is $200. Breakfast and dinner is provided as well as is lodging.

2018 Spring Turkey Season Dates

YOUTH/DISABLED SEASON: April 1- 17, 2018

ARCHERY SEASON: April 9 - 17, 2018

REGULAR SEASON: April 18 - May 31, 2018

Other Information: 

  • Shooting Hours: One-half hour before sunrise to sunset.

  • Legal Equipment: Shotguns using shot sizes 2-9; long, recurve or compound bows and crossbows.

  • Permit Limit: Any individual who has purchased a spring turkey permit is eligible for one second turkey game tag. Spring game tags are valid for Units 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6.

  • Bag Limit: One turkey with a visible beard per permit or game tag.

  • Dogs may not be used in spring season.

License Fees: 

  • Non-resident adult $97.50

  • Non-resident under 16 $42.50

Visit the Turkey Hunting page on KSOutdoors.com


The ring-necked pheasant is one of the most popular game birds in Kansas. Every year between 110,000 and 150,000 hunters pursuing these game birds each season. Estimated annual harvests have ranged from a low of 425,000 to a high of 824,000 cocks since 1990. Kansas is in the top 3 or 4 pheasant hunting states in the U.S.

Ring-necks were first introduced in Kansas with the release of 3,000 birds in 84 counties in the spring of 1906. The species adapted well to Kansas conditions and populations gradually increased in response to the excellent interspersion of grain fields with permanent habitats and to the relatively primitive agricultural practices of the time. 

Kansas generally ranks within the top three states in quail harvest.

Our quail hunting package is $300 a day with an 8 bird limit and $100 per hunter.  For hunter safety we limit our groups to three hunters.